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A new adventure awaits

Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two is an adventure game that takes you to Beacontown, a peaceful village that will suffer from the attacks of the evil Admin. Players will be joining Jesse, the game’s protagonist, in a mission to find out Admin’s weakness in order to stop the attacks. Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two is a game filled with challenging puzzles, quests, and action scenes that you will surely enjoy. 

Breeze through episodes 

The game picks up from the first season of Minecraft: Story Mode but for those who have not played it yet, there is no need to worry because season two has its own story plot that can stand alone even without background knowledge. Season 2 is divided into 5 connected episodes that follow Jesse’s quest in ending the terror that Admin is spreading throughout the lands. As to be expected of Minecraft: Story Mode, the gameplay is a mix of action, puzzles, and dialogues that will prove to be essential in unlocking new missions, solving mysteries, and moving forward towards the next episode. Throughout the gameplay, you will also come across detours and extra scenes that add will add flavor to your gaming experience even if they do not contribute significantly to season two’s plot. For instance, the game has a free-build feature that lets you get a taste of the actual Minecraft building game. You will be creating and designing structures that seem to be important at first eventually loses value as the game progresses. Even so, it is a welcome breath of fresh air from the never-ending dialogues, puzzles, and action sequences that solidly makes up season two’s gameplay.

Each episode hosts a different setting that comes with its own challenging dilemmas. To give you an idea, one episode will take you to a world under the sea while another episode will bring you to a terrible place surrounded by hot lava. If there is one thing that all 5 episodes have in common, it is that you will inevitably encounter Admin as the final boss of each one. Admin will take in different forms per episode and he will get stronger and more dangerous. Nevertheless, while this becomes a predictable part of the plot, fighting Admin will still be a challenge for players. Additionally, the game has made Admin a compelling villain because of its consistent characterization of him. It makes players feel driven to finish the game. 

Bring back the peace

Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two is a good game to play if you want to kill time and have nothing better to do. Besides Jesse, you will be enjoying the companionship of 5 other game characters that will help you in your mission to defeat Admin. The plot may be simple but the absence of drama and dark themes makes it a fun game to play because there is absolutely nothing to stress so much about.   


  • An in-depth, unique narrative
  • Imaginative, and colourful visuals
  • Save and load game


  • Time consuming
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Plot holes
  • Only 5 minutes

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